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Step back in a time adornment of jewelry was a symbol of social and wealth. Allow M.Reed Designs/Creative Renaissance to indulge you in the "Old World" designs of art wearables and Renaissance/contemporary sculpturing. The creations are all hand done "Old World" free form Celtic knot work with an added blend of Renaissance styling.

This form of knot working was done about thousand years ago and I had to teach myself through brief explanations in period books. The only tools used in that time were hands, a single rod, metal wiring and fire to allow the metal to bend easier. Creative Renaissance only uses what was prevalent in the time period which was silver, pewter, brass and copper. The using of semi precious pearls, hematite, black onyx and other stones as well as emulsion and enameling accents were later added.

I remember the first time hearing about this lost art/craftsmanship. I was at a Renaissance festival and a storyteller was telling a bunch of children about this tradesmen who was also a farmer who was unable to make enough on his farm to provide for his family. A friendly merchant told the royal family of this tradesmen beautiful creations made out the metals of the earth and how he made symbols to immortalize the special treasures of the land.


Fine Art

Celtic Knot Working & Unique Creations

These Creations are hand formed "Old World" Celtic Knot work with and added blend of Renaissance and contemporary styling. The fire of creativity began to burn bright and continues to illuminate more imaginative vision that takes different forms which can accent in many ways

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